Issue 9 : Fall 2005





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Call for submissions

2 Sep 2005

Attracting a worldwide audience of tens of thousands of film enthusiasts, and OTHERZINE offer contributors a high-profile forum for their ideas, criticism, arguments, rants, polemics, manifestoes, and creative projects.


We generally prefer articles on film or video subject matter but anything on media or something that relates to the Other Cinema programming is also very welcome. Example articles:

Articles under 2000 words in length are recommended.

File Formats

Contributors should submit all materials in electronic form to

Published materials

OTHERZINE encourages the submission of articles previously published in print media. Articles already published on the Web are generally not accepted.

Submission deadline

We don't have a formal deadline. OTHERZINE is published twice a year. If we accept your submission and the present issue came out in the last month or two, we will include it in that issue. Otherwise it will appear in the next issue. We look forward to hearing from you.