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an illustrated script

by James T. Hong

11 Feb 2006


One of the things that I've learned is that I sense a desire on the part of the minister and his team to do essentially that which those of us in the United States Defense Ministry want to do and that is to find activities and ways that we can work with each other that will contribute to demystifying what we see of them and what they see of us.

CCTV news anchor

CCTV news anchor
Good morning, everyone. Welcome. This is NEWS 60. Today’s news.

In New York, Chinese President Hu Jintao attended a summit conference with world leaders at the 60th anniversary of the United Nations. Representing China, Hu Jintao presented a number of new initiatives, which are very important for all the people of China.

Let’s take a look.

CCTV news reporter

CCTV news reporter
Hu Jintao made some very important announcements and predictions in front of the representatives from member nations.

United Nations

Hu Jintao first announced the Million Flowers movement &ndash a campaign designed to enhance and ensure the peaceful and productive relationship between the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China for generations to come.

UN members

From the data gained by sociologists, social scientists, immigration authorities, television, and many news outlets, it is apparent that white Americans do not disapprove of marriages between white men and Chinese women. These couplings have become utterly commonplace in the United States, and are becoming increasingly common in China itself.

Hu Jintao

Because of such tolerant and socially progressive attitudes, the Million Flowers Movement will commence in sending some of China’s best trained troops, scholars, students, and male volunteers to the United States to meet, marry, and impregnate white American women to further the goals of peace and prosperity.

Love Soldiers

Each member of the Million Flowers Movement has been extensively tested, examined, and trained in the arts of dating, romance, seduction, and lovemaking (and each member brings with him the profound enthusiasm and support of the Chinese people.)

People’s Liberation Army

A total of one million men, from the ages eighteen to fifty are either being mobilized for entry into the USA, or are already here. Since many of the participants are People’s Liberation Army regulars, the Chinese military will be reduced to half of its current complement as a symbol of China’s commitment and willingness to promote peace.

People’s Liberation Army

(The product of these marriages and interminglings, the children, will represent the ultimate symbols of peace and prosperity between the PRC and the USA.) Because each activist in the Million Flowers Movement has been exhaustively examined, it is hoped that the resulting children will have an average IQ of 120 or more, and that they will embody and promote the common ideals shared by the great people of the USA and of the People’s Republic of China (peace and prosperity in the present and for the future to come).

Hu Jintao handshake

Some delegates were confused by Hu Jintao’s speech, and some reactions were lukewarm, but Mexico and Pakistan’s presidents were especially enthusiastic, and some delegates expressed hope in the Million Flowers Movement and intended to implement similar policies in the near future.

Hu Jintao sitting

Hu Jintao made another important announcement.

I would like to announce the Great Seeding Campaign of Space.

Launch of the Shenzhou spacecraft

The multiple successful launches of the Shenzhou spacecraft have given the China National Space Administration enough confidence to implement a long-planned scientific and national endeavor to preserve the uniqueness of the Chinese race.


Hu Jintao then revealed that on its next mission, the Shenzhou spacecraft will carry 200 kilograms of the purest and highest quality Chinese sperm in a specially designed moon module, which will be launched from earth’s orbit into a designated resting place on the moon.

Hayabusa mission to the Itokawa asteroid

Here the China National Space Administration will be following Japan’s recent , which implanted less than two grams of Japanese sperm into the Itokawa asteroid,


and NASA’s 1971 Apollo 15 mission, which inserted an estimated fifty grams of white American sperm into the base of the moon’s Mount Hadley Delta.

Japanese Army

President Hu Jintao said that the mission to fecundate space was a very important one for his administration, and for the future of the People’s Republic of China. The Great Seeding Campaign and the Million Flowers Movement are complementary and reflect the foreign policy actions of the United States and one of its client states, Japan.

George Bush sitting

So far, neither Bush nor anyone in his administration has commented.



‘China will not first use nuclear weapons at any time and under any condition.... China has embraced that stance since it developed nuclear weapons in 1964, and it will not be changed in the future.’
—China Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing

On September 12, 1954, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff recommended the use of nuclear weapons against mainland China because of China’s aggression against the Republic of China (Taiwan). U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles favored the use of weapons of mass destruction against Communist China, and President Eisenhower, against the wishes of Winston Churchill and NATO foreign ministers, seriously considered destroying China’s so-called military potential and murdering uncountable numbers of people with atomic weapons.

The United States is also the only nation to have ever used nuclear weapons against another nation.


The United States responds to the Million Flowers Movement.