This video was made at the beginning of the 2008 economic crash as a response to an end of a world power as well as the collective anxiety of the end of the Mayan calender. Layered underneath the ending credits is a subliminal message of  archival footage of a 1950′s commercial of people and their shopping carts marching toward the camera. The video created was intended to be viewed as an endless loop or at the beginning of film screenings to punctuate the end of the capitalist consumer world.

With unlimited access to content via the web, ‘Endings’ comments on our sense of time as an eternal loop. Cartesian linear time is irrelevant in non-linear experiences.  This video adopts the approach of appropriating, sampling, remixing as an artistic process.  The video plays with our anxiety of the end of the Mayan calendar at 2012 as well as the over-consumption virus spreading throughout ‘democratic’ societies.

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