Hermeneutics & Dubus



Russia / 2012 / 03ʼ15ʼʼ B&W / DV-PAL / 4:3 / Stereo

This piece is a visual illustration of what hermeneutics is. With the cunning use of WWII footage it makes you believe that you are watching a proper war film. When you already expect the usual archive movie routine — everything changes. And you find yourself watching a completely different film.



Music: Zelany Rashoho / Russia / 2005 / 04’09’’ B&W / DV-PAL / 4:3 / Stereo

The work deals with well-known films: “Sun Valley Serenade”, “Casablanca”, “Some Like It Hot”, “In the Waterfront”, “Citizen Kane”. The footage of these films is transformed in order to coincide with the new music made by Zelany Rashoho which is a mixture of jazz, electronics and dub.

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