We accept your ideas throughout the year, however,
OtherZine is published in February and September.

Whether avant-garde or engagé, our emphasis is on the radical and sub-cultural sensibilities that find expression in marginalized genres, cinematic, media archaeological, and hybrid intermedia. We encourage cinema-related writings and artist projects that support these and other experiments in media including culture-essays, interviews, reviews (films, art, books, media, events), rants, videos, illustrations, images, and other articulated brainstorms!

OtherZine has published every Spring and Fall since the year 2000!

Submission Guidelines

A proposal of a few hundred words with links and images is highly recommended. OtherZine usually culls a theme from our early proposals. Final submissions are then requested.

A proposal can include (but certainly isn’t limited to) a description, outline, incomplete draft, schematic, or other articulated brainstorm. If you already have something written or published, that’s great too. Please note that while writing a proposal is not required for submitting an article or other piece of writing, it is highly recommended.

Submission Formats:

~Please email all final submissions, 1000-2000 words, as an attachment

(pdf, doc, rtf; no docx)

~Please include with your final submission:

1. A bio of no more than 100 words
2. Relevant links [optional]
We encourage and accept any of the following for artist projects or as illustrations:
Video (vimeo or youtube links; mov)
Audio (SoundCloud link; mp3, wma)* [please confirm before submitting]
Web-ready images/screenshots (links; 72dpi, jpg, png, gif)
Please send all images as attachments, unless they are available somewhere online.
If you choose not to provide images, OtherZine’s editor will choose them.
Please also include all relevant citations/credit.

Style: Please proofread and check you submission. We are always short-staffed and working as a labor of love! Please make accurate dates, names, quotations, and titles. We italicize and capitalize Film and Book titles. “Article” and “Chapter” titles referenced are in quotes.

Please coordinate and check any Foot or Endnotes. We will do our best.


Please don’t hesitate to contact OtherZine if you have something unsual in mind…

We are very open to suggestions for projects as yet unimagined!

At this time, we are unfortunately unable to pay for any contributions.

Please direct all proposals, submissions, and related inquiries to:

Thank you! We look forward to publishing your work!


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