OtherZine #29: Call for Proposals

The Fall issue of OtherZine will be out September 2015!

type beetleProposals for Issue #29 will be accepted through July 1, 2015.

Selections will be made by July 15, 2015.

Final submissions are due by August 15th.

Please see the Submission Guidelines below.

Proposals can include (but certainly are not limited to) a description, outline, incomplete draft, schematic, or other articulated brainstorm. If you already have something written or published, send it along! Please note that, while writing a proposal is not required, it is highly recommended! Contact us if you have something else in mind. We are open to suggestions for projects as yet unimagined! Please note, too, that at this time we are unable to pay for any contributions.

Please direct all proposals, submissions, and related inquiries to:


Thank you!

About OtherZine

OtherZine is the semi-annual ‘zine manifestation from Other Cinema, microcinema community extraordinaire featuring new, world premiere, feature-length and short form experimental works of collage, found footage, animation, in addition to “live cinema”, cutting-edge video and more.  Other Cinema is located in the Mission District of San Francisco.

Whether avant-garde or engagé, OtherZine’s emphasis follows from, but is not limited to, the cinematic sensibilities of Other Cinema. We seek to publish works on or about  or which reflect the radical subjectivities and sub-cultural sensibilities that find expression in marginalized cinematic genres, media-archaeological efforts, and contemporary intermedia hybrids. We encourage cinema-related writings and artist projects: essays, interviews, reviews (art, films, books, media, events), rants, videos, illustrations, images, and other! We encourage younger writers and students of cinema and film to make submissions.

OtherZine is online at:


  Past Issues are archived – see Menu Bar at top of this page.

Submission Formats and Style

~Email all written submissions, typed, 1000-2000 words, as an attachment

(pdf, doc, rtf; no docx, please)

~Please include with your final submission:

  1. A bio of no more than 100 words
  2. Relevant links (no more than 4) [optional]

The following formats are acceptable for artists’ projects and for illustrations accompanying articles:

Video (vimeo or youtube links; mov)

Audio (SoundCloud link; mp3, wma)* [please confirm before submitting]

Web-ready images/screenshots (links; 72dpi, jpg, png, gif)

Please send as attachments or to Dropbox by request

unless the images are available online.

If you choose not to provide any, some may be chosen for you.

Please also include all relevant crediting info.

Note: All quotations, titles, names, and dates should be double-checked for accuracy. The same applies to references in any Endnotes or footnotes. Film and Book titles appear in upper and lower case in italics, unless otherwise noted or discussed with the Editors. “Referenced Articles” appear in upper and lower case and in quotations. Please single out longer quotes to be used as a block quote. Please bear in mind that while we strive for perfection and to duly respect your work, we are not fussy ourselves!!! Observe the guidelines before sending your text for best results. Please show placement for any visuals and coordinate your End or footnotes accordingly. Include relevant Links!




Other Cinema


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