From the Editor: “META-“

Fall 2016, Issue 31, “META-“ celebrates the art of cinema and experimentation which goes above- and beyond.

First off, Vanessa Renwick’s video installation/compilation NEXT LEVEL FUCKED UP on our FRONT-PAGE! (Renwick will be at Other Cinema in person on November 26th!)

Next, maker/film critic/video essay king, Kevin B. Lee’s gives us deep thought on the video essay/essay as film in our FEATURES section! (And, he appears Dec 10th at Other Cinema!).

And, last but not least, in INTERVIEWS we have a very special relic of film history from Tanya Zimbardo, Assistant Curator of Media Arts at SFMOMA, a Bruce Conner interview published in Issue 1 of  REVERSAL!

With these three works and the amazing and brilliant efforts of our other fantastic Contributors, (many of whom  appear in the Other Cinema Fall 2016 series):

Marc Olmsted, Eric Stewart, Simon Strong, David Cox, Kevin Obsatz, “Russ” Forster, Kathleen Quillian, Dennis Nyback, Anna Spence, Mike Mosher, Gerry Fialka and Will Nediger, Faith Arazi, Molly Hankwitz, Ava Nancy, and Michael Betancourt—we kick into existence: Issue #31: “META-“ dedicated to the memory of our two dear friends and DEFINITELY meta- cohorts, Lise Swenson and Laura Brun, both incredible video/multimedia artists/performers/artistic directors from the Mission SF scene, who passed away this last summer. We miss you!

Thank you, again, oh, cinema lovers everywhere…this is…Issue #31: “META-“

Check out!  Other Cinema Fall 2016 Calendar





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