From the Editors…

Issue #32, Spring 2017 

“Cinemas of Resistance”

Welcome to Issue #32, “Cinemas of Resistance”! This issue takes a brief, but substantial look at the making of archives, cinema histories, fragile images, and cinematic and film/video art works which deal with the current political resistance, access to and preservation of information, the poetics of open-source data to filmmakers, film histories of labor, symbolic horror, and a first-hand critique of the film industry.

We are very pleased to have with us two pioneering minds in film, luminaries of the Other Cinema: archivist/lecturer and maker, the one and only Rick Prelinger on access to archives, and feminist filmmaker/director/professor Lynne Sachs on the Women’s March on Washington 2017 and her personal compendium of “cinemas of resistance”.

We also welcome to our front page, the eloquent NEWS FROM THE SUN by the amazing Smyth Brothers with its use of NASA’s sun recordings in the soundtrack, plus the words of two new contributors in this issue: writer/filmmaker Joseph Dwyer on Petri and Kluge, and curator/writer/filmmaker Shelby Shaw on contradictions in the image industry.

Many thanks, once again, for the contributions from all of our other wonderful, free-thinking artists and writers: Dan Browne, David Cox, Gerry Fialka and Will Nediger, Molly Hankwitz, Marc Olmsted, and Anna Spence.

And, to everyone else who gave their time for interviews and commentary, many thanks!



Viva la resistance!